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Comfortable Misery

December 28th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

What is it that makes us humans not want to change our habits and behaviors? Are we scared or have we just gotten used to living in comfortable misery?

Speaking in terms of your personal finances do you like where you are at? If your answer is "no" then I think its time to change a few things.

We complain about having so many credit card bills, but we keep on charging on them. And if we ignore the problem it will go away. If you dont like where you are at then change your situation. Sitting around and hoping your debt will go away on its own is crazy.

I challenge you for three months to get yourself on a plan to start paying down your debt. If you don't like getting out of debt, then by all means go back to the way you were and have fun. But I am sure you will enjoy living on a plan and with a purpose much more.

Try something different and challenge yourself to get out of your comfortable misery.

I am more than willing to help anyone get themselves back on track.

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