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3 Ways I am saving over $100 a month

October 2nd, 2012 at 04:21 pm

Recently my wife and I switched from our regular cable tv provider and switched over to direct tv. With cable we were paying almost $100 a month for their service. Since switching we are saving almost $50 a month now.

I remember back when i was in high school and there was literally only a handful of channels on tv. Now there are so many different channels that it will make your head spin. We could of honestly just dropped our tv service completely but we decided to not do it.

Another thing we recently did was changed our car insurance which is saving us almost $500 a year. With so many different choices out there it pays to look around a bit. There are so many options that you should always be on the lookout for something cheaper or better.

Another thing that I recently did was I took the data plan off of my cell phone plan. For my phone and my wifes phone we were paying $25 a month. When we got new phones about 6 months ago we added data onto both phones. We have hardly used it at all. I figured that it was a waste of money if we are not even using it so I dropped that.

I am sure there are a few things anyone could drop off their cell or tv plans to save them some money. Look at your bill and see what you donít need and drop it.