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Did you set resolutions or goals?

January 4th, 2011 at 02:58 pm

With 2011 just starting. I am sure a lot of people are starting new years resolutions. Like losing weight, quitting smoking, ect. But I personally do not think resolutions work. I think its better to set yourself goals.

Here are 7 ways to help your goals work for you.

1)Your goals must be achievable
Meaning that your goals should be something that your reasonably confident you can reach. Goals can be broken down into 3 types.
Long range-usually cover several years.
Intermediate Goals- Breaking down your long range goals into annual or semi annual steps.
Short term goals- Breaking down your intermediate goals into monthly or weekly steps.

2)Your goals must be worthwhile
This should be something that has value to you and makes you enthusiastic. The more you desire something the more easier it will be to obtain.

3)Your goals should be clear-cut
Your goal needs to be specific so you can have a better chance of reaching it. Make sure you set definitive goals and make it happen.

4) Your goals need a timetable
When you set your goals, give them a deadline. Have an end in sight or you probably wont be serious about achieving it.

5) You must be true to your goals
Goals will only work when we consider them to be promises to ourselves, and keep them with the same tenacity as if we were keeping a promise to a loved one or friend.

6)Goals should cover all different aspects of life
Goals need to cover more than one area of your life like health or business. Its good to cover all areas like career, family, social, mental-physical well-being, and financial.

7) Your goals should be stepping stones to higher goals
If you are able to reach your goals it should cause you to want to keep building on them and making them better. Even if you dont hit a goal completely you will have deep inner satisfaction of knowing you gave it your best shot. You will be more likely to double your efforts and keep going.

My true Christmas Emergency

December 26th, 2010 at 03:45 am

So I wake up at 8am and myself, Dawn and Hunter all head downstairs to see what is under the tree. While opening one of my sons presents, I managed to slice my finger open and it was bleeding all over.

After getting over the initial sick feeling of seeing all the blood. My wife drove me to the ER where I received 3 stitches in my finger. All in all it was an action filled morning.

I guess the moral of the story is... You never know when an emergency will happen, but its great to always be prepared for anything that may come your way.

Toys before Family

July 12th, 2010 at 09:30 pm

This is a subject that really ticks me off. People who buy toys and crap they don't need before taking care of their family. I personally know somebody who does this. He lives with his "girlfriend" if thats what you want to call it. Barely will ever help pay for anything for the house. Does not take care of his responsibilities. But always has plenty of money to buy stupid movie action figures. Yeah thats what I said. Action figures.

Talk about a boy living in a mans body. How is it that people can be so irresponsible?

Remember you can always buy toys and fun stuff but only after you have taken care of your responsibilities first.

Internet Scams

July 9th, 2010 at 09:29 pm

Below is a copy of an email that I got. Its unfortunate that people still fall for these scams but it does happen and a lot. Basically what they are doing is telling you that they have millions of dollars in some account overseas. They are going to give you millions of dollars in return for having you transfer this money into an account in the US. But they won't give you anything until you give them some upfront money for "fees" etc. This is where the scam takes place. I have seen shows where people completely empty out their bank account trying to what they think was just helping someone. You can read below the actual email I got the other day.

I am Ms. Elaine Kilpatrick, the Auditor General, Eurotech Securities & Financial System. In the course of my auditing, I discovered a floating fund in an account which was opened in 1996 belonging to a dead foreigner Late Mr A.C.Johnson, a national of your country. I decided to track his last name over the internet to locate any member of his family hence I got in contact with you.I want to transfer the sum of $18.5M from Eurotech Securities & Financial System, in his account overseas. I am therefore writing to ask you that you quietly partner with me and providing an account or set up a new one that will serve the purpose of receiving this fund. Even an empty account can also serve as long as you prove to be honest to me till the end of the deal. I hope you will never let me down. After going through the deceased records and files, I discovered that:

(1) No one has operated this account since 2002;
(2) He died without a heir; hence the money has been floating.
(3) No other person knows about this account and there was no known
beneficiary. And if I do not remit this money urgently, it would be
forfeited for nothing.

This money can only be approved to you legally as you have the same LAST NAME. Hence I am
contacting you. I will require your urgent reply so that I give you the next step, this transaction is
100% safe. Please send me your Private/Direct Phone and Fax numbers so I reach you. I am ready to
give you the sum of $7,500,000 ($7.5M) for your assistance and partnership with me.

I look forward to your prompt.

Best Regards,
Ms. Elaine Kilpatrick